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Montreal-born Israeli writer ventures into the genre of young adult fiction with an entertaining novel set in the late 1960s

Herschy Katz - author of "The Clarinetist"

I get a fair number of books sent our way by Jewish writers, although, if truth be told – not as many as I used to receive. (That might be a reflection of the changing world of book publishing; more and more books are being published digitally without even going to print.)
As well, I do often receive requests from writers – or would-be writers, as the case may be, asking for advice how they can get a book published. What I invariably end up telling those individuals is that it’s one thing to get a book published, it’s another thing to get it distributed.

Henriette Ivanans tells incredibly harrowing story of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction: “In Pillness and in Health – a memoir”

Henriette Ivanans: left - in 2011; centre - in 2016; right - cover of her book

A few weeks back I was contacted by reader Debby Davis, who asked me if I would be interested in reading a new book by someone by the name of Henriette Ivanans. Debby added that Henriette is married to Kevin McIntyre, whom I know.
Without going into much detail, Debby told me that Henriette’s story is absolutely riveting. I responded to Debby that I would certainly be open to taking a look at the book – and soon thereafter I was contacted by Henriette herself, who told me that she could drop a copy of her book off at my house.

How the Asper Campus came about - third & final part

Sheldon Berney

A key turning point in the Campus project: Sheldon Berney joins up with Marjorie Blankstein and Bob Freedman to head the project

Sheldon Berney would prove to be an indispensable figure in what eventually became the Asper Campus, but until the Campus project came along he had not played any sort of prominent role in the Jewish community’s history.

Singer/songwriter Micah Erenberg set to release new album at concert at WECC on November 14

Micah Erenberg

Fresh off his most recent European tour, Winnipeg-born singer/songwriter/musician Micah Erenberg is scheduled to introduce his new album, “Love is Gonna Find You”, to local audiences at the West End Cultural Centre on Thursday, November 14.




How Lloyd Axworthy played a key - and unexpected role - in the buiding of the Asper Campus

Lloyd Axworthy (back when he was a Cabinet Minister in the Chretien government)


(The second of three stories about how the Asper Campus came about)

The long-range planning committee begins to formulate plans for a campus

In 1986 Marjorie Blankstein became chair of the long-range planning committee established by the Winnipeg Jewish Community Council and, in her words, “Bob and I set up a dog and pony show and we went around to all the agencies, book clubs, poker clubs, anybody who got together – and we told them what was happening to our community - the statistics on memberships.” (According to Bob Freedman, he and Marjorie spent two and a half years engaged in that “dog and pony show”.)