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Marlaina Sommer starting up new program combining aspects of bothmental & physical fitness

Marlaina Sommer


When my husband asked me if I would like to interview Marlaina Sommer recently, I initially said that I was quite busy. Then he informed me that I might be interested because Marlaina had told him she was going to be starting up a new business where she would be creating a health and wellness program that would integrate aspects of both physical and mental health in a one-stop-shop experience. I started to think that what Marlaina might be doing meshes with my own past career in the fitness industry and my current career as a counsellor.

This winter come Celebrate Seasonal Affective Hilarity with Adam Schwartz


Many people in the Winnipeg Jewish community and the Winnipeg community as a whole suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I know I do. Yet, it’s not something we feel comfortable discussing. We feel like it’s some kind of personal failure when we struggle with depression. If anyone asks, most of us will point out the many great things going on our lives, and we will deny that we are depressed, thinking what right do we have to be depressed? The problem is depression is not something we can control, and no one would feel guilty about having a physical health problem the way we do about a mental health one.

Young Winnipegger gearing up to volunteer with Magen David Adom in Israel

Aril Glikman


Ari Glikman is getting ready to leave for Israel soon where, among other things, he plans to volunteer with Magen David Adom (MDA). Glikman has no medical-related career path in mind. For him, volunteering for MDA is all about helping out and saving lives.
“Israel is actually the only place in the whole world that has this sort of program, where you can be a volunteer medic,” said Glikman. “My friend told me, who did it this past summer, that she met people from all over the world who weren’t necessarily Jewish. They came to Israel to volunteer for MDA, because this was the only opportunity they had to do something like this.”

Allan Finkel’s long path to his becoming the rabbi at Temple Shalom

Allan Finkel

Allan Finkel was formally ordained as a rabbi only as recently as late June in New York City, but there wasn’t much time between his ordination and his assuming duties as the new rabbi at Temple Shalom – which was July 1st.
Having known Allan since our childhood days, I had more than the usual curiosity about what led him to enter into the rabbinate at the relatively advanced age of 65.
I sat down with Allan in his office at Temple Shalom one recent day to ask him about his varied career path and how he has now ended up becoming the rabbi of Winnipeg’s only Reform congregation.

Gifted teacher and chazan Avi Posen and wife Illana make aliyah

Avi & Illana Posen

The departure of Avi Posen and his wife, Illana, right after yom tov this year, can be best summed up as “Winnipeg’s loss is Israel’s gain”. More than in most cases of Winnipeggers making aliyah (which should undoubtedly be celebrated), the son of Kinzey Posen and Shayla Fink making aliyah leaves a real void in our community.

Montreal-born Israeli writer ventures into the genre of young adult fiction with an entertaining novel set in the late 1960s

Herschy Katz - author of "The Clarinetist"

I get a fair number of books sent our way by Jewish writers, although, if truth be told – not as many as I used to receive. (That might be a reflection of the changing world of book publishing; more and more books are being published digitally without even going to print.)
As well, I do often receive requests from writers – or would-be writers, as the case may be, asking for advice how they can get a book published. What I invariably end up telling those individuals is that it’s one thing to get a book published, it’s another thing to get it distributed.