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Machane Lev Camp for LGBTQ youth

staff at Machane Lev Camp (summer of 2018)
Special to the JP&N
“When I first signed up to be part of the Staff team at Machane Lev, I did not think that we would be having the kind of impact on the Jewish LGBTQ+ community that we have seen,” says 24-year-old Gaston Lopez Ficher, who was a staff member last summer. Machane Lev is a one-week, Jewish overnight camp for children and youth who are both LGBTQ and Jewish.

For Dr. Samyra Stuart-Altman, being animal-centred simplifies life


Growing up in Winnipeg with a dad who is a pilot, Dr. Samyra Stuart-Altman had the unique opportunity to experience different places growing up – spending some time in Thompson, MB, and the Caribbean – while otherwise being on a fairly common Jewish childhood trajectory – going to school at Brock Corydon, then River Heights, followed by Kelvin.
“One thing I was really drawn to in all the places we travelled to was animals – hence, my journey into veterinary medicine, which has become my passion and profession today,” said Stuart-Altman.


Newcomer Daniel Kazado brings sophisticated 3D building modeling from Turkey

Daniel and Lora Kazado along with their two children: Roz (8), and Roy (2). Daniel had a successful business in Istanbul, developing 3D models for buildings. He still has that business; now he has opened a branch office in Winnipeg.


In 2016, Daniel and Lora Kazado decided to relocate their family from Istanbul to Winnipeg.
Coming from Istanbul, Turkey, the Kazados chose Winnipeg over bigger Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver, to be able to enjoy the smaller, more relaxed nature of the city, as well as the openness of the community.