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Detailed figures on amounts Jewish Foundation has given to Jewish organizations

Jewish Foundation logoBy BERNIE BELLAN
Imagine my surprise when, despite being told that the Jewish Foundation would not disclose how much funding specific organizations have received from the Foundation in its three stage emergency funding process, which began in April, I happened to be perusing the Jewish Foundation website and, lo and behold, there are complete tables giving all that information.

And this, despite having reported twice, in our May 27 and June 24 issues that “the Foundation continues to maintain, as Richard Yaffe (Board Chair) put it, that ‘To be respectful of a variety of unique circumstances currently faced by individual organizations, at this time, we will leave the disclosure of the amount they received to their discretion.’
“Richard Yaffe did add that information will be made public by the Foundation in its 2020 Annual Report – so we’ll only have to wait one more year to find out how much each organization has received and will receive as a result of emergency funding during the pandemic…”
I have no idea why then the Foundation did publish the exact information Richard said it would not disclose, but whatever the reason, here is what is available on its website:

Jewish Fdn grants Apri 20


Jewish Fdn grants June 20

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