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Four JWC teams from the 1980s inducted into Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame

As we reported elsewhere on this website (jewishpostandnews.ca/local/1227-jwc-basketball-teams-from-1980s-to-be-inducted-into-manitoba-basketball-hall-of-fame) four boys’ basketball teams from Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate were to be inducted into the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame on October 1.
Many former players from those teams (from 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86 and 1988-89), along with family members, showed up at the Victoria Inn on Saturday evening, October 1, for a banquet and induction ceremony.

Also present were siblings of two former students who had played roles on those teams: Shawna Fern Rykiss (represented by her sister, Romi Mayes); and Shaun Filkow (represented by his sister, Lainie Filkow and brother-in-law Bryan Borzykowski). Shawna Rykiss, who was killed in a terrorist incident in Israel in 1989, was the manager of the 1988-89 team, while Shaun Filkow, who passed in 1993, was a player on that same team.
Speaking on behalf of all four teams were Aaron Benarroch and Josh Weinstein.

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