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Features2 weeks ago

Memoir of Hungarian Holocaust survivor who worked in Auschwitz camp hospital recently translated into English

Review by JULIE KIRSH (former Sun Media News Research Director)In order to avoid a death march, my weak, ailing, Hungarian...

Features3 weeks ago

Canada’s economic growth projected to be about 1% in the first half of 2024

Canada is a country with a thriving Jewish community and has traditionally offered the security of a strong economy for...

Features4 weeks ago

The Best PA Online Casinos in 2024

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can play online slots and table games legally. All you need is to be...

Features4 weeks ago

How to Protect Your Finances When Playing in Online Casinos 

Online casinos are a thrilling form of entertainment that a lot of adults enjoy in their free time. While it...

Features4 weeks ago

Kosher agencies make no bones about ‘flawed’ Canadian slaughter laws

“When the Jewish community is being treated differently than other communities in Canada because of our religious beliefs, that is...

Features1 month ago

Is a New Black African-Jewish Alliance Emerging in the United States?

By HENRY SREBRNIK As we know, the historic Black American-Jewish alliance in the United States, so prominent during the civil...

Features1 month ago

Jewish Entrepreneurship: Navigating Business Success in Canada

Canada has lots of businesses with creative people from different backgrounds. Some of these entrepreneurs are Jewish, and they have...

Features1 month ago

The secret to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for your family

The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is starting young. As people with heart-related conditions increase, parents must instill healthy...

Features1 month ago

Bobbie Rosenfeld: Canada’s Trailblazing Athlete and Advocate

Bobbie Rosenfeld was a force to be reckoned with. Not only was she a phenomenal athlete, excelling in both basketball...

Features1 month ago

Navigating the Digital Frontier: The Rise of Online Casinos in Canada

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, online casinos have emerged as a vibrant component of Canada’s virtual economy, providing...

Features1 month ago

Toronto home sales up in February from last year as consumers eye rate cuts: TRREB

The Toronto real estate market saw a big increase in home sales this February. The increase was compared to the...

Features2 months ago

Famous Jewish Horse Jockeys Throughout History

When you think of horse racing, what comes to mind? The thunderous applause of the crowd, the heart-pounding thrill of...

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