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Autism variety show this Friday, April 23

By ADAM SCHWARTZ What do a burlesque dancer, a poet, and a comedian have in common? It turns out quite a lot in fact. For one thing they are all on the International Autism Variety show happening this Friday, April 23, at 7 pm.


The point of the show is to put on display all the incredible talent that exists on the autism spectrum that people might not otherwise known about. Doing stand-up comedy, people have pretty much told me that it’s great that I am doing performing but that their cousin, brother, child could never do it. Yet, people with autism not only are capable of doing great things if given the opportunity, but, in fact are. Like Winnipeg Burlesque dancer Char Danae. Char Danae is a highly valued member of the Winnipeg Burlesque community, often appearing around the city in events such as the Winnipeg International Burlesque festival, or one of the many shows Prairie Diva’s, Meagan Funk, put on at the Park Theatre in Osborne. Char Danae was only diagnosed at age 30 because of challenges still existing diagnosing women on the spectrum.

Something Kayla Marie a mother of five, and an autistic comedian, knows all too well. “I was obsessed with studying autism my whole life and didn’t realize I was autistic. Diagnosed at age 32, I now know autism is one of my special interests. I plan to spend the next 32 years researching irony to internalize this reality.” Kayla has performed and opened up for many well-known comics, such as Kyle Kinane and Caitlin Gill.

There are many other great acts and the best part is that the show is free.

Watch it on Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81976550212?pwd=aG1IS0ZxQ3FIVmVSUkhJQitUYTdXZz09

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