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Jewish Foundation allocates third phase of COVID-19 relief funding

Jewish Foundation logoBy BERNIE BELLAN
The Jewish Foundation has now completed the third phase of emergency funding for local Jewish organizations, which it first announced last April. Click “Read More” to see a table of all Jewish Foundation grants given since April under the Foundation’s emergency funding:

Jewish Fdn table
Following is information taken from the Foundation’s website:
“Over the past few months, we have all faced new and difficult challenges related to the COVID-19 virus. The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba continues to stand ready to respond to those needs. Our response has been laid out in three Phases; the goal, to act quickly, inclusively and responsibly to assist organizations affected by this pandemic.
“Undesignated Funds housed at the JFM have been essential in allowing us the flexibility to identify and adapt to the changing needs developing within our community as a result of the pandemic. In a typical year, the JFM’s Undesignated Funds are utilized to distribute grants to Jewish and general community organizations. These grants are dedicated to programming and exciting initiatives that strive to support, engage and enlighten communities and the people who make them so vibrant.”
The website goes on to say that “For Phase 3, the same application criteria utilized for Phase 2 were again provided to Manitoba based Jewish organizations. The application window opened on September 15th and closed September 30. Applications from organizations which chose to apply were submitted for review by the Grants Committee. The total of these grant commitments was $203,500.
In response to a question we posed to the Foundation whether there will be another phase of funding for local Jewish organizations, we received the following response:
“Our next granting cycle will be opening on December 1st. Jewish organizations will be able to apply for COVID-19 Relief. Additionally, we will again be accepting applications from organizations to fund programming. The Foundation will maintain flexibility as the needs of our community continue to evolve.”
Here is a table which shows the total amount of emergency funding provided by the Jewish Foundation to various local Jewish organizations:

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