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Who were the major recipients of Jewish Foundation grants in 2020?

Jewish Foundation logo2By BERNIE BELLAN Elsewhere on this website (http://www.jewishpostandnews.ca/local/855-jewish-foundation-distributed-over-5-000-000-in-2020) we reported on the very successful year that the Jewish Foundation had in its 2020 fiscal year, both in terms of new contributions ($3,384,493) and in the growth of the total assets of the Foundation (to $148,075,775, compared with $137,039,046 in 2019).

We also noted how pivotal a role the Foundation had played in providing emergency Covid relief funding to a myriad of organizations, most of which were Jewish, but not all: $898,565 altogether. Elsewhere on this website we also have reports on four organizations that have been direct beneficiaries of financial support from the Foundation: The Gwen Secter Centre, BB Camp, Camp Massad, and the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre.

Where would any of those organizations be, one might well ask, without the support they’ve received from the Jewish Foundation since the pandemic struck? Just to give an idea how much the emergency funding from the Foundation was indispensable for each of those organizations, take a look at what they received as part of that $898,565 in total emergency funding:

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre – $19,900

Gwen Secter Centre – $41,700

BB Camp -$48,000

Camp Massad – $34,700

In 2020 the Foundation distributed a total of $5,433,501 in grants. Of that amount, $4,500,214 was in the form of designated grants and $993,378 (including all the emergency Covid funding) was in the form of undesignated grants. I thought it might be interesting to offer readers a list of all the categories of designated grant recipients, along with the names of all organizations that received more than $50,000 from the Foundation in the form of designated grants in 2020:

Animal Services – 1,518

Arts & Culture – 295, 873

Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada – 90,593

Rady JCC 109,316

Education – 610,245

Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University – 127,052

Gray Academy – 233,492

University of Manitoba – 116, 196

Environment – 1,876

Health – 407,302

Cancercare Manitoba Foundation – 53,813

Human Services 1,136,289

Gwen Secter – 76,392

Jewish Child & Family Service – 315,999

Simkin Center – 475,434

International Services – 322,971

Jewish National Fund – 257,392

Religious – 84,925

Sport & Recreation – 93,150

Supporting Agencies – 1,460,046

Asper Jewish Campus – 330,174

Combined Jewish Appeal – 683, 262

Jewish Federation – 339,408

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