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Great expectations for 15-year-old Dawson Pasternak

Dawson Pasternak (15) with Team Manitoba at the Canada Games. Photo by Jenise Powers/Canada Games


Dawson Pasternak intends on making the roster of the Western Hockey League’s Portland Winterhawks this season. In fact, he’s so hopeful that his parents, Craig and Cindy, have already set up Dawson in school in Portland for the fall term.

Winnipeg vet Jonas Watson recognized for outreach to the underprivileged

Dr. Jonas Watson


Last April, one of the guests of honour at the World Veterinary Association’s annual Congress in San José, Costa Rica, was Dr. Jonas Watson. The Winnipeg veterinarian was one of six veterinarians from around the world who were presented with the WVA’s annual Welfare Award.

Via Rail finds itself in a bind trying to find kosher food in Winnipeg

My cell phone rang at 12:17 pm Sunday afternoon, July 28. Since I have call forwarding on from our office during the weekends, but I didn’t recognize the number, I assumed it was someone wanting to reach The Jewish Post & News, so I answered: “Good afternoon, The Jewish Post & News, can I help you?” (See, I can be polite when I force myself.)

Still no explanation from anyone, anywhere in Israel as to why Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock was deported

Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock - still no apology received from anyone in Israel for his having being deported in June

Ed. note: A little over a month ago we published a story about how a Canadian academic who was spending his sabbatical year in Israel was unceremoniously deported from Israel after he returned from a conference he had attended in Germany at the beginning of June. You can read that story at

Winnipeg/Regina Jewish after-schools’ twinning

Teacher Eileen Curtis with some of her students at the Irma Penn School

If you are a grandparent, you may have grown up going to a Jewish school after public school was over for the day. But, today, that is not the norm.
Eileen Curtis, a teacher at Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning at Winnipeg’s Temple Shalom, is helping to change this paradigm, while incorporating some new ways of teaching.