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Jewish Post & News donates profits from its YMHA 100th anniversary commemorative publication to Rady JCC

Jewish Post & News Publisher Bernie Bellan (right) hands over a cheque for $3100 to Rady JCC Executive Director Rob Berkowits

This past November, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the YMHA having received its charter, The Jewish Post & News published a special commemorative issue marking that occasion. At the time our paper made a commitment to both the Rady JCC and any advertisers who wanted to join in saluting the YMHA/Rady JCC that we would allocate a portion of the profits made from that November Lifestyles issue to the Rady JCC. We kept our word – and handed a cheque for $3100 to Rob Berkowits on Thursday, March 5. If you haven’t seen that commemorative issue, click on the box on the right side of this page that says “Click here to download the November issue of Lifestyles”.

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