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Features1 day ago

What is the current status of iGaming in Alberta? Everything you need to know about its current state

Canadian provinces are slowly moving towards the idea that regulating iGaming can be good on several key measures. The first...

Features2 days ago

The Role of Certified Translators in Literary Translation

Literary translation is a nuanced art that bridges cultural divides and brings diverse voices to a global audience. At the...

Features1 week ago

How Live Casino Dealers Enhance Your Gaming Experience

In the booming online gaming world, live casino dealers stand out as the bridge between the virtual and the real....

Features1 week ago

Is There Enough Time Before Summer to Get a Summer Body?

Do you think there’s enough time to get a summer body before the height of summer? Of course! If you...

Features2 weeks ago

Want to know about a Muslim Arab state that’s been “occupied” by another Muslim Arab state? Read about Western Sahara

Contributed by DOMINIC MARTIN Did you know that a mere four hour flight from London lies a self-proclaimed Arab state...

Features2 weeks ago

Canadian Casino Chronicles: Exploring the Best Games and Trends

Canadians love online casino gaming and the most recent trends, while showing a bit of a downward demand in online...

Features3 weeks ago

Nonapeptide-1: Melasma Research Results

Brown macules are characterized by the emergence of hyperpigmented patches in a symmetrical pattern along the epidermal barrier following sun-exposure....

Features3 weeks ago

Mitch Podolak: ‘A Citizen of Earth’

By KINZEY POSEN (Ed. note: This story first appeared in the October 11, 2017 issue of The Jewish Post &...

Features3 weeks ago

The Astonishing Rise of Antisemitism in Canada

By HENRY SREBRNIK Anyone reading knows full well the extent of antisemitism raging across Canada now. Not a day...

Features3 weeks ago

 Booze, Glorious Booze! Bill Wolchock and Prohibition in Manitoba

Ed. introduction: This story was originally published to our website in October, 2023, but it resonated so much with readers...

Features3 weeks ago

New website for Israelis interested in moving to Canada

By BERNIE BELLAN (May 21, 2024) A new website, titled “Orvrim to Canada” ( has been receiving hundreds of thousands...

Features3 weeks ago

First, Do No Harm: How Dr. Newman’s Valedictorian Speech to U of M Graduates Got History So Wrong

By DOUGALD LAMONT I am compelled to respond Dr. Gem Newman in his delivery of a valedictorian address to the...

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