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Features15 hours ago

New website for Israelis interested in moving to Canada

By BERNIE BELLAN A new website, titled “Orvrim to Canada” ( has been receiving hundreds of thousands of visits, according...

Features1 week ago

Employment opportunity with Calgary Jewish Federation

The Opportunity Calgary Jewish Federation (CJF) has an exceptional opportunity for a passionate, visionary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with strong...

Features1 week ago

New movie tells story of Joseph Bau, whose dramatization of his marriage in Plazow concentration camp to his wife Rebecca was an unforgettable scene in the movie “Schindler’s List”

By MARTIN ZEILIG A new movie, to be released this coming September, tells the incredible story of Joseph Bau, a...

Features2 weeks ago

Balancing Recreation and Responsibility – Strategies for Enjoying Online Casinos Responsibly

Online casinos offer an accessible and entertaining way to engage in gambling activities from the comfort of one’s home. With...

Features2 weeks ago

As the U.S. General Election Looms, How Will American Jews Vote?

By HENRY SREBRNIK May 5, 2024 First of all, before I go any further, we should get something straight: this...

Features3 weeks ago

Winnipeg-born writer Sidura Ludwig turns newfound passion for baking challah into new picture book

By MYRON LOVE With her latest book, “Rising” (published by Candlewick Press in the United States), acclaimed Winnipeg-born author Sidura...

Features3 weeks ago

Message from a Palestinian in Gaza to protesters: “You’re hurting the Palestinian cause”

A very brave Palestinian who was willing to put his name to paper and write an article for Newsweek Magazine...

Features3 weeks ago

“Resistance: They Fought Back” – new documentary film chronicles the many instances where Jews fought back against the Nazis

By MARTIN ZEILIG “Jewish resistance during the Holocaust took many forms, armed and unarmed,” notes Holocaust scholar and archeologist Professor...

Features3 weeks ago

‘Miss Canada’ competitor aims to follow in family’s Jewish footsteps

Well-versed in public speaking and debate coaching, Ruby Grinberg volunteers in her community and seeks to raise awareness about cancer.(April...

Features4 weeks ago

The Most Expensive Israeli Soccer Transfers

Even if Israel isn’t known as a world soccer power, it has produced plenty of talented players who have made...

Features4 weeks ago

A Complicated Pesach

By ORLY DREMAN We marked a Leil Seder but there was no happiness.We left an empty chair with a yellow...

Features1 month ago

The Israeli dentist who got to know people like Yahya Simwar and thousands of other Palestinian prisoners better than anyone

By BERNIE BELLAN I wanted to depart from the usual post-event analysis of what happened on Saturday, April 13 in...

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